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Ellen Trachtenberg

With years of marketing and design experience throughout her advertising career, Ellen Trachtenberg handles the financial management side of the business “because someone had to,” BUT she loves interior design, and can create beautiful kitchen and bath ideas right along side our sales staff.  “Politically, I’m a fence sitter; similarly, in business, I’m a right brain-left brain woman.”  As President of Counter Culture Plus, she’s proud of all the determination the family has brought to bear in growing this business and serving the home building, renovation and design community.


G.J. Gerard

After his hitch in the US Navy and in sales back here in Lexington, we coerced GJ into coming on board, and now with 9 years of industry experience, he is technically knowledgeable in many aspects of remodeling.  GJ’s respected for his energy and enthusiasm, and for the passion he invests in every project as he leads outside sales with designers, builders and homeowners. He’s our QC man who makes certain that excellence is a habit from measure to fabrication.  He also finds time to mentor in the Amachi Kids program, and helps out Hope Center and Habitat for Humanity.  Newly engaged, GJ and his fiance recently returned from a long well-deserved vacation in Australia, Thailand and Malasia; video is on youtube/gjgerard.


Leslie Robinson

A native of the Chicago area, her family moved to KY and she attended UK graduating with a degree in Psychology.  She’s worked in a variety of environments, ultimately gravitating to independent interior design projects, which is how we met her.  Leslie has boundless energy and is a talented collaborator on her clients’ jobs when it comes to coordinating surfaces with all the components used in kitchens and baths, but to say she’s just in charge of inside sales and scheduling jobs minimizes the list of everything she does. Outside of work, her interests are horse racing, “da Bears,” rock music and travel, but the apple of her eye is her precocious eight year old daughter.