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Engineered Stone


Quartz is a man-made engineered stone made in Italy, Israel, Spain, Germany and Vietnam under different brand names but is uniformly comprised of 94 percent quartz and the balance is resins to bind it and pigments. Sometimes metallic flecks or even recycled glass are added to the mix.  Because we order from more than twelve national brands of Quartz totaling over 350 colors, and because each slab is a duplicate of each of the showroom color samples, we special order product, which takes about three days to arrive, approximately the same as hand-picked granite slabs.

The benefits of quartz are many.  It is impervious to scratching and staining, mold and mildew, requires no sealing and comes in a vast number of solid colors from pure white to rich red, apple green, bright blue and black, noted by having no pattern to a blend of tiny to eraser-sized  particulate, which could be a blend of recycled glass or metallic flecks. Its lack of drama was perceived as the only drawback. Now, however, several manufacturers are producing quartz in multi-hued slabs with swirls and random patterning that mimic the appearance of granite.  Honed and embossed finishes are also available.  It’s predicted that quartz will grow to 25% of the stone countertop market in the next ten years. We’re believers, and because we carry so many brands, some of our customers have nicknamed us the “Kings of Quartz.”

Recycled Products

Recycled Products include ECO™ by Silestone which is recycled post-consumer/industial content and resin.  IceStone which is a blend of Portland cement, recycled glass and pigments, comes in a range of colors from pearl tones to bright blue!  Both these durable surfaces can be used as kitchen countertops and bathroom vanities as well as many other applications in  home/commercial settings.  CC+ is an authorized fabricator for both products.

Look what’s happening to Quartz!  Juicy enriched colors,     

the whitest of whites, granite and marble look-a-likes

plus traditional small patterns…and they all wear like iron!

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