We’re honored to have collaborated on thousands of projects over our lifetime. Our home portfolio exhibits a range of styles and designs that are sure to inspire.


You think you’ve been in a house that is well designed… until you’ve been to the Stivers’ home. Every curve of every wall, every light fixture, every finish and texture… all deliberately chosen, creating an unforgettable, one-of-a-kind harmony of creativity. They could literally charge admission and give tours; It’s truly that fascinating to see.


This was probably the most extensive marble surface projects we have ever had. 8 slabs! Some customers become friends, and the Harris family went beyond to becoming my family. Like our countertops, they are remarkable. This project was mostly Imperial Danby Marble, a breathtaking yet timeless and understated american marble that is the most popular exotic marble on the market. The backsplash in her kitchen required over 1,000 cuts in the tiles to create a custom herringbone pattern that went up to her ceiling. The master has the coolest marble shelves and integrated wall mount faucet ever. Such an impressive project designed by Dwayne Anderson of House By JSD.


This was an amazing job designed by Deb Drury, who has done dozens of homes with us over the years, and this is probably my favorite. Owned by a single man, this house is a perfect balance of masculine and traditional. While it’s personal enough to express an individual taste, it’s also neutral enough to appeal to potential buyers down the road. Beautiful quartzite up to the ceilings in parts of the kitchen, an epic staircase, and an equally epic master bath; this place was so hard to leave when we were done.


This was a perfect example of high performance. We were in a perpetual state of  above-and-beyond on this job. This client was unusually well-researched and prepared and let us know early that she was especially excited about her countertops…being perfect. Also working with her contractor, who had a different countertop guy they are more familiar with, it was one of those jobs that felt like you were under everyone’s magnifying glass; but that’s where we excel. We definitely had a few late nights perfecting her master bath and kitchen, but the gratitude and kindness Mrs. Stiles showered us with afterwards made it all worthwhile, what a gracious and wonderful family. Her kitchen is absolutely gorgeous and she absolutely earned it and deserves it.


“...Above and beyond in terms of customer satisfaction. It is so refreshing to do business with people who truly value their client's contentment...”

Mackenzie G.

“This company was a lifesaver! We are beyond happy with our choice to use Counter Culture Plus and would most definitely recommend them to anyone who would listen!”

Ross Vanoli

“Cannot say enough good things about this company. They are first class all the way!”

Andrew Carey

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